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    The systems in various Ultima games were each different as is SotA.

    Someone may want to make a NPB game that is turn-based, real-time, or real-time with pause.

    Before we get into crazy specifics of combat systems and the like, I think the first steps are common core mechanics that can be the bedrock of systems universally.

    Using Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence as 3 attributes seems like a given. But what exactly they do precisely seems to vary a bit from game to game. I propose this as perhaps a starting point:

    Prerequisite for heavy armor and blunt force weapons (axe, broadsword, polearm)
    Melee damage modifier (+% percent of weapon damage, not a +X HP damage bonus)
    Hit points per level bonus
    Carry capacity

    Prerequisite for finesse weapons (daggers, rapiers, bows, crossbows)
    Hit bonus
    Evade bonus
    Half of initiative bonus (combined with Intelligence)

    Prerequisite for magic items (magic staves, wands, and other enchanted items)
    Mana pool
    Half of initiative bonus (combined with Dexterity)
    XP bonus

    Secondary/Derived Attributes
    Health/hit points
    Mana pool
    Carry weight
    Evade/Dodge bonus

    If the game is real-time, then initiative score can become a speed rating instead. I tried to balance the core mechanics of the attributes that all 3 are meaningful and there is no obvious dump stat for any character.

    Also, while this takes inspiration from other Ultima games, there are some unique concepts here. For example Strength would get a percentage damage bonus based on the weapon equipped. Someone really strong stabbing you with a dagger is different from someone really strong swinging a greatsword at you.

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    Not a bad setup, the big issue is going to be coming up with a way to make combat and attributes very customizable without making the customization overly complex either for the programmer (lots of arguments to add and track) or a designer who might have to spend a large amount of time scripting together various argument heavy functions.

    Perhaps we could create a suite of functions directed from the user-observed angle (eg damage, weapon requirements, carry weight) that each have arguments for attributes (which would simply be variable properties for each character).



    Basic formulas for damage, carry weight, etc. would be one of the next steps but that also depends on intended scale, such as a level and attribute cap.

    In Ultima 9, attributes are on a scale of 1-4. Some of the earlier Ultima games had a fairly low level cap. How much advancement should there be in a game? People generally like leveling up. They like having choice and customization to develop their character.

    I believe most of the old Ultimas capped at level 8 or 9. A newer game like SotA goes well past that.

    Once we have an idea of what the maximum level in NPB might be, then we can develop formulas that take into account starting minimums and maximums for attributes and the advancement in between.



    One thing to consider here, is how the end users will be utilizing the system. Putting hard caps in, or even soft caps works well when trying to design a fairly static system, however as mentioned there is a vast array of possible setups that would hopefully be supported in the end.

    The two possible options I see (and I am by no means saying these are the only options) would a) be a singular, fairly adaptable system that could be used as the core system for a wider variety of game play styles, or b) instead of a singular universal system to try and cover the various different styles, have a modular system where you could mix and match different areas.

    Take the project I have been working on. It uses a base stat system, very similar to Ultima 8 (original was stats from 15-25, I’ve it change to 10-25) and then i’m trying to implement a skill system similar to that in UO, where is has a total skill point cap, as well as individual skill caps as well that can be adjusted through use of the skills. Being such a unique combination of systems, in my opinion, and singular universal system would require a lot of reworking on my part to get to work the way I wanted it, at least from what i have taken from this thread so far, i may be wrong.

    Considering the wide range of systems that have been used over the course of the Ultima franchise, it may be hard to find a singular solution that would offer the coverage that one would hope for.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.

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